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Young couples experiment with anonymous group sex as a way to revitalize their troubled relationships. Through the experience they are forced to rethink the rudiments of a successful relationship: sex, love, and communication.

So meet James and Heather. Their relationship isn’t working. A cold distance has grown between them and their intimate moments feel forced. Heather is a take-charge problem solver who sometimes gets too carried away for her own good. She’s determined to make her relationship with James work, even if it means being overbearing or making questionable decisions. James has recently started to discover that he’s easily manipulated. He can’t remember if this is the way he’s always been, but he’s going to do something about it in this relationship, that’s for damn sure.

Meet Ellis and Renee. Their relationship isn’t working. The spark of passion they once felt has started to fade and both are fearful that this could mark the beginning of the end. Renee is thoughtful and honest, but recently she’s found herself feeling slightly isolated and bored with Ellis. At times Ellis comes off as brash or thick with machismo, but he’s essentially a sensitive guy whose primary concern is ensuring that he and Renee remain loyal to each other through what seems to be a turbulent phase in their relationship.

Tension grows when Dr. Wellbridge offers her experimental treatment to rekindle the cooling relationship. On the doctor’s orders, the couples embark on a partner swap that leaves some thrilled and others thwarted. After a series of mishaps fueled by jealousy, confusion, and insecurities, they soon find that true love and lasting relationships are ultimately about more than sex and breakfast.

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Written and Directed by: Miles Brandman

Cast (in order of appearance)

Macaulay Culkin: James

Kuno Becker: Ellis

Eliza Dushku: Renee

Alexis Dziena: Heather

Joanna Miles: Dr. Wellbridge

Eric Lively: Charlie

Jaime Ray Newman: Betty

Tracie Thoms: Sarah

Anita Gnan: Mickey

Robert Carradine: Angry Driver

John Pleshette: Older Man in Elevator

Maree Cheatham: Older Woman in Elevator

Vincent Jerosa: Brian

Margaret Travolta: Gale

Kory Hutchinson: Athletic Man in Diner

Nikki Kemp: Athletic Woman in Diner