Escort girl: A casual term?

An escort Tel Aviv or a sex worker is the one who offers sexual services in exchange of cash. There was a time when these services were advertised on street corners but today, in this global world, these services are advertised on internet and are easily accessible for everyone. The girls who work as escort girls have more options and control over their work and their clients because they have control over their physical attributes and description. They can easily explain their service and offers through internet by posting pictures of themselves and explaining about their physical or bodily features, describe their offers, talk about their unique services and personalities and explain the rates they charge. Men investigate these services according to their mating preferences and select an escort girl to have sex with.

This fame prostitution, which is considered as a form of business in which you offer your services in exchange of money, which allows men to have sexual relationship with escort girls without any commitment or promises. Prostitutes that have highly attributed bodies and are in high demand by the men should be able to charge more money in the sexual market. Escort girls that are successful and are aware of their attributes and traits are able to modify their bodies according to the needs of the customer and they also change the cost and offerings according to that. Moreover, there is also a question that arises which is, is escort girls or sex worker a casual term? Should it be used so casually? And in my opinion, it should be as normal and respectable as any other job because this is their duty and a kind of compulsion to do this kind of job which is not considered as respectful as any other job in the world.