Pampering Massage in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the sin city of Israel, it reminds me a lot of Los Angeles in terms of attractions.

Many tourists come every year to visit it, going to clubs, cultural events and even festivals.

But many people don’t know the hidden attraction of Tel Aviv – Pampering Massage.

In recent years locals have been exposed more and more to the attraction and have stories to tell.

So we thought tourists should also get to know the massage industry in Tel Aviv.

Pampering Massage

So what does pampering massage mean? how is it different from a regular massage?

The answer is simple, every masseuse has his own way to make a massage pampering.

Some will use techniques learned abroad, others will give you a massage naked, more commonly known as a tantra massage, others will include your private areas in a massage to give you that pampering feelings.

When ordering a massage you wanna ask the masseuse on the phone if a pampering massage is available, and ask them about the ways they use to give you a massage of that sort.

The price for a pampering massage may vary as different techniques have different prices, although most prices will range between 150 ILS to 400 ILS

How to find pampering massages in Israel?

In the internet age it is possible to find a massage all over the net, all you gotta do is write a query on google of what you’re looking for.

With pampering massages it can prove to me more tricky, but luckily many websites provide pampering massage ads.

If you want to find a pampering massage in your area you can visit here and filter by city and area, call the massage provider and ask them all the relevant details.

You can schedule an appointment and that’s it, have fun with your pampering massage.