Psychological needs and approaches

All humans have basic psychological needs. If we are unable to meet our psychological needs, we suffer and sometimes badly. Just like we have other needs like food, water, shelter and sleep in order to survive, we also need to meet our psychological needs to lead a healthy and happy life in which your mental health is stable.

There are four fundamental psychological needs that psychologists suggest and these are autonomy, security, connection and self-esteem. Some need are fulfilled by doing different activities such as, you win a sports game and your self-esteem got fulfilled. You have a healthy and happy family and you have good relationship with them, your need of security will be fulfilled. When we have these psychological needs, we also have psychological strategies to cope up with those needs. So, sex is a strategy or approach that we use to meet our psychological needs.

When you do not have sex for a long time, you feel an urge to do this because that is how human body is formed, that is how human body functions. So, in order to fulfill our psychological and sexual needs, we need to get involved in a sexual intercourse or some sexual activities. Many people expect to fulfill their need of sex from their partner but sometimes the partner is too busy to get engage with such activities. In that case, an escort Tel Aviv or a sex worker’s help is required. All men do is to pay them with some money or some other kind of valuable thing in exchange of sexual intercourse or sexual activities. That’s what an escort girl’s job is, but it is not always easy for them to do this job because they all have their personal lives in which they might be a completely different people.