Various forms of sex work policies

The task of categorizing sex work policies is onerous and challenging, fraught with methodological challenges. To go into depth about each of these attempts and associated discussions would go beyond the scope of the current study. The Swedish Model, also known as the Nordic Model, which criminalizes just the purchase of sex, legalization, and decriminalization, are the four primary approaches to regulating sex work. This approach is a straightforward way to handle the problem. The first two models both aim to do away with sex labour. Criminalization refers to the fact that both procuring and offering sexual services are offenses. The United States, Asia, and several countries in Africa, for example, all follow this approach, which is the most prevalent in the entire world. While the Swedish Model criminalizes the act of buying sex, it does not punish the suppliers. As a result of this model’s recent popularity, countries like Ireland, Northern Ireland, Canada, Israel, and France have now adopted it. In Israel for example the best escort girls in Tel Aviv.

Instead, legalization recognizes or legalizes some forms of sex employment while outlawing others. Because third parties are prohibited from being involved, but not the selling and buying of sex per se, England and Wales, for example, tolerate independent escorting girls but not brothel maintaining. Germany and the Netherlands serve as examples of nations that permit more types of sex employment, such as legally operating brothels. As a result, different countries have different numbers of sex jobs that are permitted and not subject to punishment. However, the emphasis on attempting to limit, manage, and constrain sex work is the common denominator. Decriminalizing sex work entails doing away with any sanctions against engaging in, arranging, and procuring commercial sex and moving in the direction of attempting to incorporate sex work into the labour market. Only New Zealand, the Northern Territory of Australia, and New South Wales of Australia have so far enacted similar policies.