Why Is Escorting Not the Same as Prostitution?

Although the basis of the two industries is similar, escorts and call girls are a distinct breed from prostitutes. Escort agencies often recruit only gorgeous, intriguing, and healthy women. Furthermore, since they must rely only on themselves to locate customers, independent escorts are typically educated and sophisticated and often use marketing abilities to boost their company דירות דיסקרטיות בחיפה.

Clients vary between the two companies as well. Customers who favor escorts will often hire them for reasons other than sexual services, such as supper, cocktails, a massage, or simply excellent conversation.

Escorts may be found online. Although some females use fraudulent images, most legitimate escorts have a verified site and are evaluated by prior customers, their agencies, or specialist sites and escort directories like this one.

Many escorts travel. It may not be the same as a traveling band of musicians, but these women get to travel the globe and widen their client repertoire – who knows, they could even learn a thing or two.

In contrast to prostitutes, escorts also have an elite group at the very top of their industry. These escorts often provide their services to famous people and multimillionaires. There have been numerous tales of other escorts making much more than that, and New York magazine even identified one specific escort in 2007 who earned more than $2,000.

Not only is the practice of escorting legal in many countries, but in several of those nations, it is also becoming an increasingly common kind of employment. In Amsterdam, for instance, escorts must pay taxes and have unions to represent them.

As a matter of fact, not only are escort professionals who are clean, healthy, and have been checked for their authenticity, but they are also often pretty clever, which is why hiring an escort is almost always the superior option when compared to hiring a prostitute.